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Masters Speciality Pharma was founded in 1984 by Dr Zulf Masters OBE, who had a vision to provide everyone with access to affordable medicines, prioritizing the unmet needs of those in emerging markets. The company’s global footprint has grown significantly since then, but the vision remains the same – to improve patients’ lives.

Headquartered in the UK and with offices across four continents, Masters has established itself as a renowned global pharmaceutical company with over 37 years of experience supplying medicines to hospitals, clinics, and government institutions in over 75 countries worldwide.

Masters specializes in sourcing and supplying medicines from its extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers, which are carefully vetted by a rigorous quality assurance validation process. The company’s warehousing and logistics operation is held to the highest standards, ensuring that each product reaches the healthcare providers and their patients in perfect condition.

A testament to the importance of the Masters’ mission to improve access, the company is trusted to regularly deliver life-saving drugs to the world’s remotest parts. Masters partners with innovative life-science companies to provide access to their speciality medicines, whether for a population or a single patient with an unmet need; such as a brand new therapy for treating rare kidney cancer for a patient in the Cayman Islands, spinal atrophy treatment to a child in Brazil, or rare disease treatments in Bermuda, Iraq and further afield.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Masters overcame numerous challenges to maintain the supply of critical pharmaceutical products to its customers worldwide. The company faced significant disruptions to the supply chain, and flight schedules were decimated. Despite all this, Masters made every effort to absorb these additional costs and avoid passing any price increases on to the clients and institutions they serve.

Masters is proud of its long-standing relationship with the Bermuda Hospital Board. Bermuda was, in fact, the first island that Masters supplied as a business, and, to this day, the company continues to be a preferred supplier to the island.

“We are very proud of our legacy, achievements, and partnerships built over the years. We continue our mission to be a leading speciality pharma company with our vision, to improve patients’ lives through access to life-saving medicines.”

Zain Masters, VP North America


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